Go Shopping At Your Local Country Market

A few months back I discovered a hidden gem just a few minutes from the high street in town whilst out shopping. Whilst everyone knows about farmer’s markets the country markets seem to be a well kept secret.

There are over 12,000 local producers who sell their goods at 400 markets throughout the U.K. The Country Markets are a co-operative with their roots going back as far as 1919 when the Agriculture organisation Society (now Defra) sponsored the setting up of co-operative markets to sell surplus produce.

At my local market I can purchase fresh flowers, herbs and vegetables, home baked pies, cakes and quiches, honey, jams and free range eggs to name but a few. There is also a selection of home made craft items and my best buy by far which I shared with a friend was a huge pumpkin costing the princely sum of £5 which even included delivery. It was so big we couldn’t have possibly carried it home on our bikes.

Visiting the country markets has now become a weekly ritual for me and some of my friends as we can catch up, do our weekly shop and have a cup of tea (costing only 20p) and a fairy cake all in one sitting. It’s great to be able to buy local food in a friendly setting and I urge anyone with an interest in locally produced and home made food to seek out their nearest country market. To find your nearest market visit their website which has a full list of venues.