Spring into Green Action as the Weather Warms Up

The nights have started to get shorter again, so many people are already looking forward to spring. It’s a good idea to think about the green moves you can make in relation to the seasons. The weather and climate affect a lot of things, so you should take them into account when you manage your green lifestyle. If you’re contemplating making some green moves in the springtime, there’s a lot you can do once temperatures start to get a little warmer. Once you start to see the first snowdrops and daffodils, you can think about doing some of the following things.

Buy Locally Produced Food
Being responsible with your diet is one of the best ways to be green. Many people limit or stop their meat consumption, and sometimes dairy too. But you should also think about where your food comes from, even when it’s fruit and vegetables. Ideally, you should buy seasonal and local produce all year. However, in the winter, you might find yourself relying on┬ástaple foods a bit more. When spring arrives, you can make more of an effort to buy local produce. Instead of buying from the supermarket, try your local farmer’s’ market sometimes. If you’re lucky enough to have a green grocer, try there too.

Consider Planting Some Fruit and Veg
Your other option is to grow your own food if you have the space to do it. Spring is a great time to start planning. Once the ground softens, you’ll be able to prepare the soil and perhaps even start planting. You’ll be able to plant some things as soon as spring arrives or start them off indoors. Some plants may have to wait until a little later, though. For example, you can buy some plants from a strawberry plants nursery. However, they won’t be ready to produce fruit until the late summer. Still, you can get them ready and plant them in your garden or start growing them in your greenhouse.

Prepare for a Green Summer

When spring is here, it’s a good time to start┬áplanning for the summer too. Caring for your garden can be harder when there’s less rain, but try not to overuse your hose or sprinklers. Make use of greywater or perhaps collect rain water when it does rain.

Help Clean Up Your Community

You might not be keen to get outside when it’s cold. But once it’s warmer, it’s the ideal time to pitch in and help keep your community clean. You can find a conservation group that helps to pick up litter and do other work. Lend a hand with cleaning up your local waterways, from rivers to canals. Or perhaps take a trip into the woods to help keep nature looking pristine.

When you emerge from your winter hibernation, you can start to get active again and reap the benefits from a healthy, green lifestyle.