Green and Ethical Business Networking in the Midlands

Last week I was feeling a little left out and lonely….. ( all say aaaah). The reason dear readers was the fact that there seemed to be several networking and social events in London for green and ethical businesses which were a bit difficult for me to attend. We travel to London frequently for green events and fairs but usually they last a weekend or at least most of the day. So travelling 2 hours each way for perhaps just a 2 hour get together would have worked out quite expensive and time consuming.

green networking

I know for a fact we have a plethora of green and ethical businesses right here in the midlands, yet no group I know of which gives people a chance to connect or meet up for socials and similar events. So spurred into action I decided to create a facebookgroup for like minded individuals specifically for the central region. Hopefully the group will enable green businesses, social enterprises and community groups to link up, exchange ideas and generally keep up to date with local initiatives, news and events.

Please join us if you live in the midlands and wish to connect with like minded people online or would be interested in meeting up for social events. Anyone interested in green and ethical lifestyles are welcome to join us too. The more the merrier!

Join our ethical network group now