Green Computer Eco Tips

Here are a few quick and simple ways to green your computer.

green mouse

1.Switch to paying your bills online.

Not only can you reduce the amount of paper and envelopes used, some utility companies even offer discounts to customers who switch to online billing.

2.Print out only what you need.’s software eliminates unwanted pages saving paper, ink, money, and millions of trees. It does this by analyzing each page of every document sent to the printer and looks for typical waste characteristics like banners, logos and legal text.

3.Switch off.
Remember it’s not only your P.C that needs switching off when you have finished with it. Printers, scanners and wireless routers all drain energy when on standby.

4.Check your settings.
Check in your control panel that your power options are set to the most energy efficient. Better still you can download the ‘local coolingapplication that will do the job for you. For business systems check out Carbonize I.T

5. Two computers for the price of one
A greener and cheaper alternative to a second computer is
desktop multiplier software. Connect a second mouse, keyboard and monitor to your pc and it enables two systems to run from one desktop, saving on energy and Co2 emmissions.

6.Turn down the contrast on your screen
The lower the contrast the less energy used.
green i.tgreen i.tgreen i.tgreen i.t

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