Green Festival Tips

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As festival season kicks off in the UK, here are a few tips to consider to make your experience that little bit greener!

1. Travel

Most event organisers have realised that parking can be a nightmare to accomodate andĀ  so offer incentives to encourage people to car share or use a shuttlebus service to the site. Check the festival website for details or contact the organisers.

2. Drinks

Take a reuseable bottle to refill with water or a mug for reusing hot drinks! We’ve even seen people with tankards for refilling at the beer and cider tents! A Fine Choice offer BPA free funky bottles (pictured)

3.Natural Toiletries

Most events are held on a field or farm that will be returned to its regular use after you leave. To minimise your impact, consider taking ‘greener’ toiletries – including shampoos, soaps, and even toothpaste as thereĀ  will be less chemicals absorbed into the soil and ground.

4. Recycling Bins

A lot of festivals have improved their waste service and have segregated waste bins on site. These can vary depending on what each council can recycle so please read the signs carefully and if in doubt, ask a steward who should be happy to help!

5.Recycle Those Tents

30,000 tents were left behind one year at a previous V Festival alone which is a lot of canvas on its way to landfill. If you really don’t want your tent after the event take it home and put it in a textile recycling bank.

6. The Biodegradable Waterproof

Last but not least we love the spud coat which is made from bioplastic which in turn is derived from potato starch. There is even a clay ball containing seeds attached to it so that at the end of its life it can be composted and the seeds will sprout new life-fantastic!!!! read more here

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