Green Gardening Tips

Green Garden Tips (helping the environment without leaving home)

1.Create a wildlife area. Perhaps the easiest of the 5 tips this month, choose a patch in your garden and do nothing-just let it grow. If you are feeling a bit more proactive you can place old logs or bricks on the patch to encourage minibeasts.

2. Feed the birds Another simple tip, buy nuts and seeds from your local pet shop or garden centre and enjoy watching your new visitors, an upturned dustbin lid can also be used as a bird bath. In this years R.S.P.B’s Big Garden Birdwatch, results showed there were less recordings of song thrushes and wrens so it’s worth remembering we can help declining species even in our own back yards.

3. Start composting A fab way to recycle your kitchen scraps into something useful for the garden

4. Love your lawn Not only is your lawn great for garden birds and insects, research has shown that in London the area of 22 times the size of Hyde park has been paved over increasing the impact of flash flooding and contributing to climate change. See Natural England’s wildlife gardening manifesto for more info.

5. Grow Your own Veggies More time consuming than the other tips but well worth the effort when it comes to the eating. Veggies have had a rough ride this summer with all the wet weather but kale, leeks cabbage and lettuce can still be planted in July and August ready for the autumn.

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