Green Holiday Tips

eco holiday tips, green holidays

For those of you heading off on holiday soon here are a few tips to keep your break as low impact as possible.

1. Choose Eco-Friendly  Accomodation

Supporting hotels, campsites  and holiday parks that help  protect the environment is a great way to cut your holiday’s carbon footprint. Check out our new green holidays section on the website for some eco inspiration this summer.

2. Let the train take the strain

We all know how bad planes are for the environment so we wont mention that (whoops just have) but do check out ‘The Man In Seat 61′ and see the many places you can travel to by train and ferry. We adore this website and we think you’ll love it too.

3. Souvenirs

Do your friends and family really need tacky souvenirs or plastic momentos of your trip? If you are going to be buying presents ensure gifts help the local economy rather than purchasing imported goods. Local jewellery, fabrics and crafts are a better alternative.

4.Natural Sunscreen

Buying organic, plastic-free or biodegradable suntan lotion is not only beneficial for the planet but better for your health too as they contain far less chemicals and toxins.  If you are swimming in the sea or lakes much of the chemicals end up in the water supply so this can be especially important if you are swimming somewhere which has a delicate ecosystem.  Visit our organic toiletries section to view a selection of natural toiletry stores

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