Green Weddings: 3 Top Tips For Your Sustainable Celebration

Valentines day is only a couple of weeks away and with many a couple set to tie the knot and a certain royal wedding taking place in April we thought we’d ask our friend Katie over at Ethical Weddings what her top tips are for a perfect green wedding. Here is what she had to say…

The really essential thing is to take a moment to think before you start spending like crazy! There may be many things you can borrow, hire or even make yourself – all of which usually work out greener! And when you do need to spend, think about where the money is going: buy fair trade products if you can and support small local producers.

There are no hard and fast rules but here are a few actions that can have a long-lasting impact beyond the wedding day, whether for the planet, in your lives or by opening your guests’ eyes to the ethical options out there…

1. Have the ceremony and wedding breakfast in the same venue, or within walking distance of each other, and both near public transport.  If this isn’t possible, help to coordinate car sharing between your guests.

2. Choose organic fabrics, charity shop chic or vintage wear for you and your wedding party’s attire.  Show all your guests that green fashion is the new black to get them spreading the word far and wide.

3. Go for a green or charity gift list.  If you have a green gift list, you’ll be all set for an eco-friendly married life and your guests will have discovered a whole world of green and ethical products in the process (and they’ll tell their friends and their friends etc. etc.).  If you don’t need anything else, make a real difference to your favourite charity with a charity gift list.

For more green tips visit the Ethical Weddings website and if you’d like to win a fabulous copy of the ‘Natural Wedding Book’ please click here

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