Green Workplace Tips

Eco Office and Workplace Tips

This month our eco tips for those of you out there want to make your workplaces more earth friendly. The great thing about saving resources and energy at work means not only does the environment benefit but it saves businesses money too which hopefully means management will support and encourage these changes. We’d love to hear from you if you do successfully implement any of these.

· Ask the office’s stationery buyer to choose 80g paper rather than thicker sheets and choose a recycled product- they are cheaper and require less energy to produce.

· Buy recycled ink cartridges. They offer the same performance as regular but at a lower price!

· Encourage the last person out at night to turn off not only the lights but also the photocopier. The energy saved overnight from flicking the copier switch to off will be enough to make 1,600 photocopies

· Reusable mugs and glasses are much better for the environment than the plastic disposable cups you get at many office drinks machines.

· Switch to Fair-Trade tea bags

· Ditch the post-it notes and use old envelopes or scrap paper with an old fashioned paper clip for notes or messages

· Scan documents instead of faxing them

Read our article Greening The Workplace for more ideas on making your office or workspace environmentally friendly.

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