Green Your Washing Up Routine

It is estimated that each year, in the UK alone, discarded plastic sponge/scourers create a volume of rubbish equivalent to up to 150 double decker buses! This is either burnt or goes into landfill, where it takes a 1000 years to biodegrade. Therefore, switching to a plastic-free biodegradable washing-up pad is an obvious, yet inexpensive step towards a more sustainable home and environment. Michael’s Original Washing-Up Luffa Pad makes that switch possible at just £1.69 each.

Hand-made from the luffa plant, grown to organic standards on Michael’s family farm in the Philippines, this ingenious, traditional method of washing-up has been tried and tested over generations and offer s a plastic-free option to the consumer. The luffas fit neatly into the hand, instantly become supple in water, thus easily bending around rims of cups and reaching into corners and glasses. They are suitable for all types of washing up, and have a useful hand-made string hanging loop. The luffas are also an economical choice as they last up to 12months. When they finally wear out the Luffas can be composted.

Lois Clark of Natural Eco Trading Ltd, distributor of Michael’s Original said ‘Consumers are rejecting plastic bags, now it’s time to throw away the plastic sponge/scourers found in every kitchen. Not only are Michael’s Luffas 100% biodegradable,but also the production process from seed to finished product uses no chemicals. Everything is hand-made and provides valuable jobs in a rural area of high unemployment. By working directly with the farmer we can ensure that a fair price is paid by us to him and his workers. Michael’s Original Washing Up pad is a truly green and ethical option’ You can visit their website here

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