Greening Your Cycle Ride

Cycling remains one of the most sustainable forms of transport available to us, it’s pollution free, noise free and congestion free and as petrol prices, global warming and obesity figures continue to rise there’s never been more reason for us all to think about ditching the car in favour of the healthier, cheaper and more eco friendly option on two wheels.

Green Oil Bicycle Chain Lubricant

Integral to ECOutlet’s range of environmentally friendly products, the online eco store has recently expanded their range of bicycle accessories to help cyclists increase their green credentials in time for the summer cycling season. To keep everything running smothly, Green Oil is a new high performance bicycle chain lubricant made from naturally occurring plant extracts. Green Oil’s formulation of long-chain molecules repels water molecules protecting the chain from from rust and helps give a smooth, low friction ride. Unlike standard bicycle chain oils, Green Oil does not contain any petrochemical components or Teflon and subsequently is not irritant, hazardous or harmful to the environment.

Reelight Battery Free Bicycle Lights

The arrival of summer means longer, brighter evenings and the latest addition to ECOutlet’s battery-free bicycle lights means cyclists need no longer worry about being caught out without lights. Reelight bicycle lights do not use batteries but produce their own green energy using magnets attached to the spokes of the wheel. The lights are permanently mounted on the side of the bicycle and are always on, day and night, constantly flashing. Just as important there are no batteries to buy or throw away when used. Two versions of the Reelight dynamo bike lights are available to purchase, the Reelight SL100 UK Standard which flash constantly when the bike is in motion and the Reelight SL120 UK Standard which flash whenever the bike is in motion and continue to flash for two minutes after the bicycle has stopped.

Bicycle Clips made from recycled inner tubes

The company has also recently branched out into producing their first in-house product when cyclist and one-half of ECOutlet, Marco Puig, set about the task of designing a pair of trouser bicycle clips made from recycled materials. After a period of trial and error, a simple yet effective design of trouser clip was created using recycled bicycle inner tubes which had been donated by his local bicycle shop.

The recycled bicycle clips help enable a safer ride whilst protecting trouser cuffs from rips and stains as a result of contact with the bicycle chain. Practical and effective, the bicycle clips are also an innovative solution to the problem of disposing of bicycle inner tubes which are not routinely recycled. Each pair is approximately 29.5cm long and the elastic nature of the material means one size fits all.

For more information please visit the Ecoutlet’s cycling range.

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