Greens Gain Seat in Solihull

The Green Party’s Mike Sheridan made history today, gaining the North Solihull seat of Smith’s Wood, toppling the Leader of the Labour group with a landslide majority. Mike won 45% of the vote to Labour’s 28%.

The Green Party has been growing in Solihull year-on-year. In 2006, they beat Labour in more than half of the areas in which they stood. In 2007, the Greens fielded a full slate of 17 candidates for the first time – even more than Labour. Come 2008, the Green Party has gained its first ever Councillor.

Mike Sheridan, the new Councillor for Smith’s Wood said “The Green Party has made history today, gaining its first ever seat in Solihull and in the West Midlands County. Support for the Green Party is on the rise nationwide. Our campaigning to protect local green spaces and for locals to have a real say in regeneration have proven to be very popular.

Many voters say that they like our alternative views and modern outlook on age-old problems. The ‘grey parties’, namely Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem have had their chances for decades now. I will not let down the people of Smith’s Wood – they put me there and I am responsible to them.”