Greenwood's Christmas Tree Gifts to Africa

During 2008, £1.00 from every season ticket sold at GreenWood Forest Park near Bangor was donated to Tree Aid.

A cheque for £750 was handed over to representatives from Tree Aid by Andrea Bristow, one of GreenWood’s Directors.  ‘Having worked on reforestation projects in Africa for 18 years ourselves, we know how important funding for community projects such as this is.  We are more than delighted to be able to donate this present at Christmas time from the season ticket holders of GreenWood’

Tree Aid is a charitable organization that funds, trains and supports communities in Africa, so that they have the skills to make the best use of trees and their products. The extra money earned from tree products can pay for healthcare, schooling and food, enabling families to thrive rather than just survive. Tree Aid’s aims are to provide a long-term, practical solution to poverty and environmental destruction.

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