Growing Technology provides a viable option for indoor horticulture

NŌKATECH supports Indoor Growing with LED lights as a viable alternative to conventional horticulture.

Their premium-level LED grow lights allow home and commercial growers to look indoors. UK-based specialist indoor horticulture technologies startup ‘NŌKATECH’ is providing a range of innovative, high-quality equipment to the indoor growing market, designed to maximize yields and reduce reliance on pesticides.

From its inception, NŌKATECH has pursued a vision that will see indoor horticulture as a viable and long-term alternative to outdoor growing, which consistently delivers high-quality and
reliable yields. Focussing on developing technologies and equipment to deliver this vision, NŌKATECH
caters to both the home and commercial markets, with affordability ensuring complete inclusivity.

NŌKATECH spokesperson David commented: “We’re thrilled to be providing growing technology
both here within the UK, European market and to expand to the USA in the near future. As a
company, we recognize the impacts of global warming, and environmental factors now mean
outdoor horticulture can be very challenging – with unpredictable seasonal variations,
temperature fluctuations, and more extreme weather than we’ve seen in a generation.”

David continued: “That’s why we see the huge value in developing technology to ensure indoor
horticulture is a viable alternative that is also capable of producing consistently high-quality and
high-volume yields for home and industrial growers. The indoor process also benefits from
significant reductions in pesticide use, which contributes to environmental damage.”

Appealing to both commercial market gardeners and home growers alike, indoor planting and
cultivation provide a healthy option to deliver fresh produce to the table without the added
challenges of weather, pests, transportation costs, or large machinery. NŌKATECH currently
provides a range of premium-level equipment, including high-performance, LED grow lights to suit
all indoor needs, which also have a reduced running cost over conventional lighting systems.

NŌKATECH LED grow lights are premium quality products with all the components from the inside
to the outside being carefully selected from industry-leading top-level third-party suppliers. There
is no hidden information, – all specifications, are exposed so the users can be sure to buy a quality

NŌKATECH – premium quality products for a price affordable to everyone!
“Manny people have forgotten how important is fresh vegetables without any chemicals. They are
an essential source of vitamins and minerals and are even more valuable for antioxidants and fiber.
And if you could enjoy the fresh ones even during winter time, isn’t it worth it? There are more
than 20 types of easy-grown vegetables indoors for newbies.”

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