The Blue Sky Toy Collection by Love HeartWood

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Handmade, Ethical, Plastic Free Toys

Are you going for an ethical, plastic free Christmas? Want to buy the kids something which won’t break after a few days? Want a toy with real play longevity that encourages them to use their creativity and is safe for all ages? Then the Blue Sky Toy Collection will definitely strike a chord with you.

Love HeartWood is located in rural Berkshire and uses sustainably sourced, local Beech and Ash wood. But why take the time and care to hand make a beautiful, wooden toy and then coat it with plastic? Unfortunately, that’s what happens when wooden toys are coated with conventional paint and varnish as they are basically plastic. That’s why Blue Sky Toys are finished with organic, plant based paint and oil. The eco paint contains zero VOCs, zero solvents and zero heavy metals.

This means the toys are non-toxic, odourless and safe for everyone, including babies and those with Asthma, Allergies, CFS, MCS.The oil is pressed from hemp seeds. It nourishes and protects the wood from dirt and marks and allows the children to benefit from the tactility of the wood. A further benefit for the planet is that the toys are completely biodegradable.

All toys sold within the EU must conform to the Toy Safety Directives and be CE marked. Sadly most handmade toys are not. Blue Sky Toys bear the CE mark to show they’ve been thoroughly tested and conform completely to the required safety standards.

As we know children don’t play just with their own toys. Siblings often play together and share toys. To encourage this all Blue Sky Toys are safe for ages 0+. This means no worries about little parts going where they’re not meant to and everyone can play together safely.

The Collection includes the Kinderpins Skittle Set, the Gnosi Rattle, Tip Top Spinners, Go Go Crafty Cars, Pipkinds Peg People and Craft Pipkinds. Prices range from £5 – £52. To find out how the toys encourage physical development and creativity visit or why not send the link to a family member who needs a nudge in the right direction?

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