Harvest Rainwater In Your Garden With A Rain Limpet

‘Use the Rain’ a rainwater harvesting company based in Oxfordshire has engineered a new device for diverting rainwater to a storage tank from cast iron gutter systems.

First launched and demonstrated at the Newbury County Show the rain limpet attaches onto the iron down-pipe. A hole is cut in the pipe and the rain limpet is glued in place, leaving the pipe and gutters for the most part undisturbed. As with many rainwater diverters once the tank is full, excess water is channelled back through the rain Limpet where it flows on down to the soak-away, thus ensuring no floods from overflowing tanks.

Use The Rain recently installed a rain limpet within the grounds of the Oxford University Press. There was a great opportunity to collect rain water from the vast roof of the building for the planting in the quad. Mandy Cherry from the Oxford University Press said ‘Matt at UsetheRain came up with a design and unobtrusive location for the tank which he implemented without disruption.’ The tank has been in situ for a couple of weeks and soon filled up. We are absolutely delighted with the results and will now have water for the plants within the area through the summer months.

If you would like to know more about the rain limpet or find out how rainwater havesting systems could benefit your property and the planet please visit Use The Rain

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