Have You Switched To Green Radiators Yet?

The world of electric radiators has changed massively in recent years. Gone are the days when we had to rely on clunky old energy guzzling night storage heaters. The technology of today’s electric radiators has assured that all energy use is kept to a bare minimum without the concern of damaging the environment through the release of carbon elements.

If you’re still relying on an old night storage heater to heat your home, it’s high time you switched to an eco-friendly electric radiator model. Read on to find out about the many benefits of making this change.

Reduce harmful carbon emission

The pollution that night storage heaters cause has long been an overlooked consequence of their use. Storage heaters produce a dry burning form of heat that releases harmful carbon elements into the atmosphere, and the use of such heating devices is actually responsible for nearly half of the UK’s carbon emission release.

In addition to hurting the environment, night storage heaters can have an effect on human health when the carbon dust released by storage heaters is deposited into our homes. This is due to the low level of toxicity found in carbon. A lot of night storage heater owners aren’t even aware of this threat.

Inhaling carbon materials produces varying degrees of harm, most often resulting in a soreness and inflammation of the lungs. Because of such consequences, asthma sufferers are most likely to be affected.

Reduce wasted spend

Since they don’t require the same amount of energy to work, electric radiators have the benefit of lessening running costs while reducing the amount of energy consumed. In fact, electric radiators cost only a few pence per hour to use.

Modern radiators work through a number of technological designs that allow the radiator to reduce usage. This includes the popular Magmatic Heat Retention design, which uses specially designed tablets to allow a radiator to store heat which will gradually released for a further 40 minutes after the radiator is switched off.

Such technology acts as a modern update to the capability of storage heaters, only without wasting valuable natural resources like the original models do.

For greater convenience

You’ll find that contemporary electric radiator designs come with the convenience of multi-temperature control technology, which allows for multiple heaters around the home to generate different temperatures.

These temperatures can also be programmed to change at different times of the day and get turned off at pre-set times. This is thanks to the advanced technology of Digital Time and Temperature Thermostats; a highly convenient development in modern radiator design.

Stylish and trendy appearances

Green radiators aren’t only ideal for environmental reasons, they are also very stylish in design, allowing them to easily and effectively compliment contemporary home d├ęcor. This is a far cry form the dull, uninspired appearance of old night storage heaters.

These modern designs also have the benefit of being built from robust eco-friendly materials like chrome and nickel, which is perfect for reducing the onset of radiator corrosion while lessening the likelihood of sound from the radiator’s internal mechanisms disturbing the tranquillity of a home.

Make the change to an electric radiator today and reduce your carbon footprint to create a healthier home for your family, and a safer planet for us all.