Hemp Hoodies Are Here

As autumn is definitely upon us, so does the need to vamp up wardrobes for the cold months ahead. With the launch of BohoHemp’s new website this month, you can see how you can do this by buying urban design eco chic clothing for women and men.

Whether it’s a cosy hemp hoody for those cooler days, a smart casual dress you can quickly throw on and look good in, or a pair of funky wide legged trousers to lounge about in at home, you can be sure you will find something that guarantees comfort, practicality and fashion.

Hemp is the greenest fibre by far as it requires no herbicides or pesticides. It’s breathable, strong and is non toxic. By buying hemp clothing you are being a part of something really significant and making a positive contribution towards sustainability.

If you want to change the world and your wardrobe look no further. Think hemp, think www.bohohemp.co.uk

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