How Can Landlords be More Environmentally- Friendly?

Environmental damage is a major talking point right now and it is important for
landlords to find ways to make their properties energy efficient. Everyone has a
responsibility to take action following COP27 in November 2022 and there are lots
of positive steps that landlords can take. In addition to reducing environmental
impact, making your properties energy efficient will also make them more
appealing to today’s eco-aware tenants and help them to keep their bills down.
Not only this, but making your property energy effeminacy will also help to add
value to your investment.

Improve EPC Rating

With the Government’s Energy Efficiency Standards preventing the rental of
buildings rated lower than E, it is a good idea to improve your rating to make
your property more energy efficient and to appeal to prospective tenants.
Landlords can also get advice and take the stress out of managing rentals with a
reliable letting agent company.

Go Electric

One of the best ways to improve your EPC rating is to opt for an electric boiler,
which uses very little energy when operated. You could also install a ground
source heat pump, which will be cost-effective and significantly reduce the carbon
footprint of your rental property.

Get Rid of Draughts

Draughts result in energy loss ( as much as 40% of lost heat is through draughts)
and can make it much harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. By finding
and fixing draughts, your tenants will use less energy and be able to keep the
property warm in winter. This is often simple and affordable, such as sealing
windows with film strips, using brush strips on doors and using silicone fillers and
caulk to plug any gaps.


It is also important to consider water usage. While a lot of this will come down to
the tenant, you will find that you can improve energy efficiency by installing a
modern shower head that can save water while still providing good pressure for
your tenants.

Boost Energy Efficiency

There are also a handful of other ways to increase efficiency. These include
setting up with green energy providers that provide affordable tariffs, getting the
boiler serviced annually (also a great way to reduce the likelihood of problems
arising) and swapping out old appliances with energy-efficient alternatives.
TheGreen Homes grant no longer exists,
but landlords may be able to make savings
on energy-efficient upgrades by applying to their local authority.

Creator: Paul Hamilton
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto


As much as 25% of a property’s heat is lost through the roof, so roof insulation is
a worthwhile investment. This will greatly reduce the environmental impact of
your property and help your tenants to keep their bills down while also adding
value to the property.

Every landlord needs to consider energy efficiency to reduce their impact but also
to make their property more appealing to tenants and also to add value.
Hopefully, this post will help you to make your property more energy efficient.