How Can You Take A Sustainable Approach To Fashion

Fast fashion is rampant in the UK and is presenting a major issue in the current climate crisis.
Sustainable fashion is a buzzword that is increasingly used as we become more and more aware of the impact our shopping habits have on the environment – but it’s important.

Fast fashion is responsible for 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and is the second most polluting industry after the oil and gas sector. It contributes to a significant amount of waste production, pollution of the air and water, as well as disruptions of wildlife habitats.

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Adopting a sustainable approach to fashion has never been more urgent and every little helps. From
swapping your go-to retail brands to something greener or committing to shopping second-hand,
here is how you can take a more sustainable approach to fashion.

Choose Slow Fashion Brands

Though you might like the deals and aesthetics, fast fashion brands are antagonists of the climate
crisis. Fast fashion is the umbrella term for apparel that is low-priced and moves quickly from design
to retail stores to keep up with trends. Some of the biggest contributors to the fast fashion field are
high-street brands.

Investing in slow fashion brands not only is better for the environment but also supports designers
who promote sustainable practices. These types of brands typically only produce locally and
prioritise quality over quantity to reduce waste and exploitation.

Shop Second Hand

Rather than going online or to the high street to buy brand-new clothing, choose second-hand or
vintage pieces. Charity shopping and pawnbroking help divert items from going to the landfill,
alongside extending the shelf-life of these garments.
This also increases your likelihood of finding one-of-a-kind pieces that no one else will own. Better
yet, these garments can often be acquired at a lower price than buying new all the time.

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Re-use and Re-wear

There are times when we feel like our wardrobe needs a revamp. Instead of throwing old pieces out,
why not try and up-style them? There are plenty of ways to give old garments a new lease of life,
whether you restyle pieces to look different or find an entirely new purpose for them.
You can use any extra fabric to make cleaning rags or attach patchwork pieces to cover holes and
make an entirely new look.

Avoid Consumerism

It’s always tempting to buy a new outfit when we see something that takes our fancy, especially if
you have an important event coming up. Try to make use of your existing wardrobe by only
purchasing staples that can be added to totally transform many ensembles.

Versatile accessories and jewellery are wardrobe essentials that can easily take an outfit from day to