How to be a more sustainable driver

There’s a lot of work to do if we’re to meet the 2050 net zero target that the UK government
is aiming for. Having just experienced the joint hottest summer on record and with daily
updates about the impact of climate change on the planet, we’re going to need to rethink how
we live our lives.

One area that we can improve is the emissions from our motors. Driving is one of the main
causes of carbon emissions, so it’s worth looking at ways to do our bit and reduce the carbon
we’re releasing into the atmosphere. Here are some ideas to help.

Electric car

Many motorists are already beginning to get ready for the end of petrol and diesel cars..
Evidence reveals that electric is better for the environment than what we have now. So, it
makes sense that the government wants to swap out traditional fuel for this alternative.
We have eight years to ready ourselves for the ban on the production of traditionally-fuelled
motors in 2030, so it’s worth getting used to these vehicles now. Do your research and take
the time to work out what model could best suit you. Switching to electric now will give you
time to adjust when things change over in the coming years.

Car sharing

As well as seeking alternatives to standard fuel, you could help reduce the number of cars on
the road by sharing with someone else. You could team up with a colleague to do the
commute together, offer to give friends a lift to save a few of you driving to the same place,
or take turns to do the school run with another parent.
These are all simple ways to take one car off the road for a trip, reducing emissions.

Switch off your car engine

Leaving your engine idling while you’re stuck in traffic means more emissions. If you’re sat
at traffic lights for over three minutes or you’re caught up in a queue, it can be better to
switch the engine off while you’re waiting to move again.
It can be tricky knowing if this is a good option, however – especially if you’re having
trouble with your car battery. But if you’re confident that your car will easily start up again,
this is a great way of cutting down on emissions.

Drive safe

Driving safely is always a good idea, but as well as protecting you and your loved ones, it can
protect your car and the environment too. Accelerating too quickly can damage the car and
also use more emissions. Sticking to speed limits and driving carefully burns less fuel,
releasing a smaller number of emissions into the atmosphere.