How To Bring Good Energy To Your Garden


There has certainly been more interest garnered in controlling energy around the home over recent years.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is starting to spread to the outdoors as well. The garden is the focus for this post as this can be a so-called easy target when it comes to attracting the right “feelings”. It’s full of nature, and this opens up a wealth of opportunities.

Bearing this in mind, here is a roundup of a few links we have found from around the internet which hone in on the topic in a bit more detail. They tend to focus quite heavily on the concept of feng shui, but they all should provide you with some actionable tips to help create better energy within your yard.

Your choice of flowers can work a treat

This first link is all about the types of flowers and plants that you are choosing to include (or not include) in your garden.

It covers fifty in total, and you might be surprised at some of the meanings that arise from it. For example, the sunflower is something that we have probably all seen around the local area at some point, and the meaning of this is said to revolve around longevity and loyalty. Ultimately, both of these are associated with positive bouts of energy.

How about a bad example? If the infographic is to be believed, Windflower can be associated with death.

The power of feng shui in the garden

You might have to give this next link some time, as a lot of it covers feng shui as a whole. However, if you start to browse towards the end, it soon starts to become clear how you can inject feng shui principals into your garden.

We’re not going to give too much away, but there’s some smart advice such as satisfying the “earth” principal of feng shui with rocks, and the “water” element of it with a water feature as examples.

Making energy flow in the right direction

It’s at this point in which we go off on a bit of a feng shui tangent. Then again, this tends to be the core topic around energy nowadays.

This next link looks more about the different areas of your garden, and what you should be doing in each zone.

In relation to feng shui, each area of your garden needs to be responsible for something. For example, this page shows how the North of your garden can relate to your career and general path in life. One example coined on the page is tapping into the water element of feng shui to boost your luck in this area of your life.

It’s quite philosophical, and some readers might find it a little too much. For those of you serious about harnessing the energy in your garden, this is one link that you should pay some serious attention to though.

A good ol’ top ten list

No link roundup would be complete without a top ten list, and that’s what we bring you with this final article.

The link looks at some of the best feng shui garden decor ideas from around the globe. Some of it is bordering on the obvious, but there are also some really interesting ideas in there which perhaps wouldn’t be considered by those who don’t have much of a background in this topic.