How To Find An Eco-Friendly CBD Company

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With an increasing number of people who care about global warming and sustainability, there is more scrutiny on the companies we are spending our money with. If you find yourself looking for a CBD company, there are benefits in seeking a company that is eco-friendly because if not companies might have unethical or unsavoury processes and ingredients that will ultimately be consumed by you! Not only that, but you want to align yourself with a company that utilises high-quality ingredients so the product works the way it’s intended. A company that does this well is CBDfx. They only utilise organic and eco-friendly processes and ingredients and that’s why CBDfx gummies are fast-acting and reliable. I’m sure you’re wondering what makes a CBD company “eco-friendly”? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons hemp is eco-friendly.

What Is Hemp?

Hemp comes from the Cannabis Sativa L plant and produces non-psychoactive CBD compounds that people can use for therapeutic purposes. The main reason that hemp is eco-friendly is that it doesn’t take much water to grow and it naturally eliminates its own pests so there’s no need for heavy pesticides. Hemp has a complicated history. It has been used for centuries, but it became associated with the criminalization of marijuana when the Controlled Substance Act of 1970 was passed and there was no legislature included to separate the two. Thankfully things changed––fast forward to 2018––The Farm Bill was passed and it decriminalized hemp and allowed for farmers to grow hemp on an industrial/commercial scale and allowed the sale of hemp-derived CBD products as a result of this growth.

Hemp As A Sustainable Source

Hemp has been used to create a wide variety of products for quite some time. Hemp has been around for roughly 10,000 years and dates back to ancient China and Mesopotamia. It has been used to create ropes, paper, textiles, clothes, and in more recent times much more! It is this material’s versatility that makes it such a sustainable source.

How To Identify Eco-Friendly CBD Companies

If you’ve been trying to reduce your carbon footprint, it’s only right to find a CBD company that falls in line with your beliefs. You might even think that it’s a complicated process, but it’s not when you look for key elements within the company. The first thing you should look for is where they grow their hemp, and most importantly, how they grow their hemp. As a general rule, you should look for companies that grow their hemp organically. Furthermore, a company that takes environmentally friendly practices seriously will go the extra mile and harvest rainwater as the watering source for their crops. Hemp crops only need a small amount of that collected rainwater to thrive and most farmers distribute that rainwater via irrigation drip.

Some companies also take it upon themselves to use recyclable materials for their product packaging, while others have specific campaigns aimed towards green objectives. Some examples of those initiatives include reforestation campaigns, creating sustainable products with hemp to donate to worthy causes, and more.

Most of the time, if a company has these types of ethics in place it will be somewhere on the website under the “about us” section. You can also conduct a quick ecosia search on the company to dig a little deeper.

Ingredients Matter

In terms of being environmentally friendly, it’s only right that we talk a little about ingredients because if a company is “environmentally friendly”, they’re not going to use artificial ingredients that are bad for your health and ultimately bad for the environment. So, when you look at a prospective company take note of those growing practices that we mentioned earlier, but take it a step further and look at the extraction methods as well. Are they utilising a CO2 extraction method that endures purity and quality, or are there solvents involved? You don’t want that because you don’t want all those chemicals. The most beneficial shortcut to check up on quality and purity is to check the third party lab results. You might also hear this referenced as a “Certificate of Analysis”, as the term is interchangeable. When you look at these reports you can verify that the product has no harmful chemicals, toxins, mycotoxins, pesticides, etc. No matter what type of product you’re looking to purchase you should be able to find these reports. You also want to pay close attention to the flavourings and sweeteners used because some companies use super artificial sources for colour and flavours.

Parting Thoughts

You probably haven’t even thought about planet friendly CBD companies before, but they are definitely out there! Some of these companies are going the extra mile to ensure they are protecting our planet while giving something back to consumers that will benefit them in innumerable ways, and that is how we start to make a change!