How to Go Eco-Friendly with Your Dog

Just like us humans, our canine friends produce a fair amount of waste that wreaks havoc on the environment. It can be hard to see at first; after all, your dog is your entire world and can do no wrong. However, once you think about all the food containers, toys, transmissible diseases and excrement, the environmental toll starts to stack up.

Luckily for you, going eco-friendly with your dog is easier than it sounds and can be done using the following tips. And it doesn’t mean that your dog has to go vegan either!

Economically dispose of all waste

Being a dog parent means that you’re going to have to pick up plenty of poop. And it doesn’t stop at
picking it up with a plastic bag; you also want to dispose of it in a way that doesn’t harm the nearby
wildlife. Dog waste actually contains bacteria, viruses and even parasitic worms that can be
transmitted to humans if it’s left near growing fruits, vegetables and compost.

If you can, buy biodegradable bags that will naturally decompose over time. The best method, of
course, is to flush it down the toilet without the bag.

Buy food in bulk

Reduce food packaging by buying wholesale-size bags of sensitive and hypoallergenic dog food.
Not only will this mean that you don’t accumulate waste with convenient little sachets, but it will also get
your dog used to dry food which is proven to be more environmentally friendly.

If you do end up buying wet food, make sure to recycle all food containers. Whether it comes in tins,
pouches or bags, most food packaging is recyclable. If you’re not 100% sure, check with your local
recycling to see what they accept.

Buy toys from eco-friendly companies

Most dog toys are made out of plastic and other non-biodegradable or recyclable materials. In order
to keep your environmental footprint to a minimum, research eco-friendly companies that use recycled
materials or buy your toys and accessories second-hand.

And there’s no harm in being a bit creative! Why not create your own toys using things around the
house? Gather your old and unused socks, fill them with something squeaky or delicious and let the
dogs run wild. And you know no dog can resist a good stick either!

Donate your old stuff

If your dog loses interest in a certain toy or they pass away, contribute to the circular economy by
donating their old toys. Provided they haven’t been chewed to oblivion, they will make great toys for
other dogs. Old beds, drinking bowls, feeding containers and leads are particularly good items to
donate and will make another canine exceedingly happy.