How To Make A Christmas Cookie Jar

Christmas cookie jar, zero waste gifts

Oat & Chocolate Chip cookies

This is a tried and tested recipe that we use mainly for birthday presents but this can be also made up for a  great zero waste Christmas gift too.

Just choose a festive green or red ribbon instead to decorate the jar and perhaps cut a star or Christmas tree tag to display the method and ingredients needed. You simply add the dry ingredients to the jar and the recipient adds the wet ingredients and then gets to bake the cookies. They make lovely presents for all ages and especially for those who enjoy baking.

Firstly choose a glass jar or glass bottle that you wish to use. Layer the dry ingredients into the jar or bottle. (see below) A good tip is to weigh out the ingredients first so you can find an appropriately sized jar or bottle to fill.

Dry Ingredients

100g flour

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon Bi carb

30g brown sugar

90g white sugar

50g choc chips

100g oats

Once all the dry ingredients have been added make a star shape or Christmas tree shape tag to add the instructions onto (see below)

Instructions to include on the gift tag

Add 85 g softened butter

1 small egg

Half a teaspoon of vanilla essence.

Recipe to add to the gift tag.

In a bowl, beat egg, butter and vanilla. Tip cookie mix into bowl and combine into a ball of dough. Divide into walnut sized balls and bake on a tray for 9 to 11 mins at 190°

Your cookie jar should now be complete, simply add a festive coloured ribbon to decorate.