How to Make Your Wedding Eco-friendly

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days in your life. It only happens once, so, understandably, you want nothing but the best for your big day. However, these events also often generate excessive waste, from the food and drinks to the things used in the wedding. The good news is that you can lessen this by going green. You don’t have to sacrifice your dream wedding for this as there are minor changes that you can make that will significantly impact the environment. Here are ways on how to make your wedding more eco-friendly.


Use green materials for wedding invitations

Several wedding suppliers are now environment-conscious, so it will not be too hard to find one to make green wedding invitations for you. If you decide to make your invites on your own, use sustainable materials, or better yet, create digital invitations. Many people presently opt to create their own invitations and send them online, either via email or chat. It saves you money, and it also lessens the waste you make in your wedding.


Request for environment-friendly wedding gifts

It’s also now normal for couples to include a note on their invitations about their preferred gift. You may request guests to bring eco-friendly gifts. To make it even better, you may also opt to receive them in cash. It will be convenient for the guests as they don’t have to think for something to give as a wedding present. You can also spend the money on what you need most.


Use reusable utensils for the reception

Talk to your wedding or party planner to use reusable utensils for your wedding. They can coordinate with the caterers about this request. Disposable plates, cups, forks, spoons, and dish containers may bring convenience, but they are also a huge source of waste that ends up in the landfill. By using reusable utensils, you help lessen the trash that goes to the dumpsite.


Give out eco-friendly wedding favours

Several wedding favours fall under the green category. Seeds or plants are excellent choices. Place them in a nice little spot, and they are good to go as wedding giveaways. Coffee beans from the local farmers is another option. Soaps, metal straws, bamboo toothbrushes, and eco-bags are others items to consider.


Compost or donate flowers and left-over foods

The wedding bouquet and flowers used for the decors will all end up in the trash too. You can compost them or donate them elsewhere. Some organizations accept flower donations so that others can use them. This is also true with the food left at the wedding reception.


Go for a vintage or hand-me-down wedding dress and ring

Instead of buying a brand new wedding ring or dress, why not consider one that was passed on from your parents or grandparents? You may also look for vintage options that give a touch of character, history, and class, while at the same time keeping your wedding eco-friendly.

You don’t have to sacrifice the beauty of your wedding in going green, as there are several ways to opt for environment-friendly choices that are gorgeous and top-quality at the same time.