How To Plan An Eco Friendly Outdoor Event

Many of us spend our lives stuck in towns and cities and yearn to get out into the countryside and have some fun in our free time.

The strong desire to be outdoors also extends to arranging events out in the open air, ranging from festivals and local village fetes to special occasions, notably weddings.

Fortunately, there is a growing awareness of the need to minimise environmental impacts among both event organisers and those who attend. People nowadays expect outdoor events to be greener, and planning an eco-friendly event can be fun knowing the goal is to be kind to the local environment, reduce resource use and save money.

Whilst it may seem a bit daunting trying to get things right, giving attention to a few simple things can make a big difference.

Co2 emissions

Explore car-free options for getting to the event.

Waste and pollution

Provide recycling bins and make sure any traders on site recycle; Ensure all rubbish is cleared afterwards and disposed of responsibly; Use napkins instead of paper plates and refill cups; Make sure any plates and cutlery provided are recyclable.

Food and drink

Source local products where possible to reduce transport miles and celebrate local distinctiveness; Choose seasonal and organic food and fair trade produce where possible.

Hire Equipment

Whether it’s audio visual, catering, marquee or sanitation, there are usually both cost and environmental benefits from hiring the latest eco-efficient equipment and facilities rather than purchasing.

Take for example toilet hire. Choose a reputable local company such as Griffin Luxury Toilet Hire with a wide range of eco-friendly mobile toilets and that:

Has an environmental policy in place; Uses recycled and natural products from local suppliers; Sources eco-cleaning products;Recycles packaging; Disposes of waste legally and in an environmentally-sustainable way; Uses low CO2, energy-efficient vehicles.

Taking the time and effort to consider these important areas can make for a fun-filled, eco-friendly celebration and create a warm feel-good factor among everyone involved.

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