How to Recycle Your Carpet

Did you know – 500,000 tonnes of carpet are buried in landfill in the UK every year! There has to be another solution. So, can you recycle an old carpet?
rolls of carpet

One new company is leading the way, building their own plant to take some of the carpets, break them down and sell their component materials on as raw materials to other industries from polypropolene and nylon to wool, hessian and jute. Greenback Recycling are even working with local authorities and have managed to get dedicated carpet recycling containers placed at local recycling collection points. They intend to spread this plan nationally.

Until then, it is worth checking with your local authority to see if they take carpet for recycling. If not, what else can be done?

  • If it, or a large part of it, is in good condition try offering it on Freecycle. You never know, someone could be waiting for that particular posting!
  • Offer it to local schools or preschool groups
  • Reuse it yourself as a good insulator in an attic room or outdoor shed or even to cover the compost heap
  • Offer it to local gardening groups or allotment societies who can use it on their compost heaps

Thanks to Gecco Interiors for these great tips and ideas.

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