How to research the best price for your old iPhone?

The modern world is enriched with technologically advanced gadgets and products. For the last two decades, digital innovation overtook the world as a whole. We saw a complete overhaul of devices that were used daily.

Like Apple, Microsoft, and Google, several companies and organizations played a crucial role in launching new and more advanced gadgets. These advancements heavily influenced almost every sector and industry.

Furthermore, these developments directly affected the consumer sector, as the digital revolution revolutionized our daily lives and the societies in which we live. From digital media to healthcare, transportation to telecommunications, almost every field has experienced the waves of technological revolution.

Today, every individual has easy access to new and more innovative smartphones. No one would have imagined a few years ago that a mobile phone would be such a significant factor in people’s lives.

Apple has been a considerable force on this matter, as different models of iPhone have been trendy and in-demand in the consumer sector. These mobile phones possess extensive features that help individuals get done with various daily routine tasks comfortably. Moreover, these phones ensure more feasibility and accessibility in one’s life.

Why should people sell their old iPhones?

As new models of iPhones are introduced every year, people feel the urge or the necessity of upgrading to them. This is mainly because the new models are more advanced and have more features.

Also, the older iPhones start losing their market value once the new models hit the market. This is why there is a market for old and used mobile phones. It helps people get value for their older mobiles and allows them to upgrade to a newer model.

It is also vital for people to stay in line with the principles of e-waste management and play their social responsibility of contributing to the environment. The older mobile phones that are just left in your drawer unattended are a source of e-waste. People are unaware of the term and the concept.

It is high time that we raise awareness about the matter and let them know how e-waste leads to major inconveniences at a social and environmental level. It can lead to the release of harmful substances into the environment.

This is why people should consider selling or recycling their last used mobile phones, so it does not become a menace to the environment. Also, they will get a value over their asset, which will otherwise be a piece of junk only.

Getting the best reselling price

It has been well over a decade since the Apple iPhone found a place in the market, and since then, it has been able to build a strong worldwide community. Today, iPhones are the best-selling smartphones in the global market.

The sales of Apple for their new iPhones have constantly gone up by a significant margin, as the number of iPhone users is also increasing. Recently, Apple launched the iPhone 13 series, which was a big hit with consumers.

However, the Apple iPhone is launching a new model every year around September. As soon as the new model is established, its previous models start losing their value. As the demand and supply factors change, older iPhones face depreciation. Statistics show that an average iPhone loses about 45-46% of its value within two years.

These figures are even more concerning for Android smartphones. This is also a big reason consumers try to upgrade their model to avoid price depreciation. They can have a better value of money if they sell their previous model before upgrading to the next one. The money earned will also help the user to buy the newer version of the mobile.

But many people find it rather challenging to sell their older mobile phones. They argue that it is a challenging and time-consuming task. Therefore, they prefer to stick to their older models and dump them in a cupboard or drawer, never to see them again.

However, people are unaware that selling an older mobile phone is easier than it sounds. It does not require much effort on their part. There is a market for used mobile phones. Globally, used mobile phones have the highest reselling ratio among electronics. Also, consumers can conveniently turn to the online market and the local brick-and-mortar stores to sell their mobiles.

The online market has grown to be a feasible option in terms of trading because the seller can target an extensive market that offers more options. Plus, once the terms and conditions of the deal are finalized between the two parties, sellers can immediately receive cash.

To find the most suitable reselling rate, sellers should surf through different marketplaces and websites. There are platforms where you can sell your iPhone. Also, individuals can have a detailed analysis of the price comparison between other models. They can analyse the mood of the market, which will help them make a more informed choice.

Are you reselling or trading in?

Apart from reselling, users can also opt for trading in. In this way, users can get a good value for their device by trading it back to the manufacturer or the phone carrier. Many official Apple franchises also offer this option for their iPhone consumers.

However, there are specific terms and conditions associated with it. But if all goes well, trading in can immensely help users credit towards a new device from the same place. But, if you are using an older brand, you can get a better value by outright reselling your phone on the market. You can do that yourself or with the help of a third party, like Freedom Mobiles.

Lastly, users should be careful while reselling their phones. They should have their data and meaningful information backed up in a safe place. Also, they should preferably wipe off their iPhone and factory reset it to stay on a safer side.

In conclusion, it can be said that reselling your older iPhone is a more appreciable choice for consumers who wish to continuously upgrade in terms of technology without inflicting a dent upon their wallets and also the environment.