How To Use Green Walls & Planters To Enliven Your Garden

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Every garden is different, and there’s no one simple rule that will help you create a great gardening project. When planning a garden, you need to think about your priorities. You need to decide whether you want your backyard to simply look good, or maybe you’d rather use it as a relaxing space where you’ll spend nice evenings with a book and a glass of wine. You may also want to include features to encourage wildlife or native flora. Luckily, there are a few simple elements that you can implement in any design style you decide to choose: wall gardens and planters. With a bit of creativity, they can turn any space into a garden that can be truly unique and welcoming.

Where to begin?

You can decide to tackle the task of redesigning your garden on your own, but if you want it to be truly perfect, it may also be a good idea to hire a team of professionals who have a lot of experience in this field. After all, whether you’re in New York, Madrid or Edinburgh, gardeners and landscapers from your area can use their knowledge and experience to help you decide what is best for your garden.  Some plants need certain conditions to grow well, and there are architectural elements that will be heavily influenced by weather conditions, so it’s very important to consider these factors from the very beginning.

Great solution for problems with space

If you have a big outdoor area to work with you’ll easily find a place for every tree and flower you find appealing, and fitting in a sitting area won’t be much of a problem as well. But what about the homes with just a small piece of land around them? At first glance, you may give up on the idea of having a great garden, but you’d be wrong to do so. Even the smallest backyard can be successfully transformed into something incredible. And with the right design, you’ll be able to create an illusion of a bigger space. The most efficient way to introduce a lot of greenery into a limited area is to plant it vertically. Wall gardens are getting more and more popular in recent years thanks to their great visuals and space-saving nature. They’ll work well with succulents and beautiful, colourful flowers. Yet, quite surprisingly, such a wall can become a vegetable garden as well. Providing seasonal, tasty produce for your family is very rewarding.

You won’t get bored

Introducing planters into your garden means you can change the layout of your garden if you get bored. Plus, if you suddenly find yourself in need of more space, you can simply move the planters aside to gain additional areas to use. A quick visit to your nearest gardening store will be enough to realise that there’s a huge variety of different options available on the market now. You can easily find anything from concrete ones to wooden crates, so you won’t have any trouble choosing something that will fit in perfectly with the design style of your garden. Planters are also a great solution for winter months, and they can work in a few ways. First, if you have plants that are very susceptible to low temperatures, you can simply take them inside to guarantee their survival through the cold months. But, since many of the popular plants are annual, there’s also a chance you’ll just empty your planters after the summer. Instead of hiding them for a few months, you can take this opportunity to create decorative features for your garden. This way, it’ll look appealing and interesting throughout the year.

Green walls and planters can make any outdoor space around your house look incredibly appealing because they create a unique atmosphere. You can use the same solutions in hundreds of gardens, yet at the end of the day, each and every one of them will have a different feel. Creating a design plan that will show off your personality and create a space for you to enjoy can be very rewarding especially if you incorporate wildlife areas or manage to grow fruit and vegetables too.