Introducing a Kickstarter Campaign from one of London’s Pioneering Fairtrade Fashion Brands.

Here Today Here Tomorrow is a sustainable fashion shop and studio in East London committed to revolutionising the fashion industry for the better. Their Kickstarter campaign gives you the chance to be the first to own a piece from their inaugural womenswear collection, which sets a new standard for fair trade fashion.

On their last visit to meet with producers in Nepal, Here Today Here Tomorrow discovered an almost extinct hand woven Nepalese textile, dhaka fabric. They were shocked to learn that due to a decline in demand the tradition of dhaka weaving was at risk of being lost and the skilled artisans that produce it in danger of losing their livelihoods.

The four women behind Here Today Here Tomorrow launched this Kickstarter to promote the fair trade production of dhaka by designing the first ever modern collection using this remarkable textile. Featuring a range of bags, a stylish top and a pair of cropped trousers. This collection sets a new precedent for the look and style of fair trade fashion, effortlessly combining the highest quality materials with sophisticated design and a consideration for ethical production.

Here Today Here Tomorrow believe a fair trade approach to fashion is desperately needed as an alternative to throw-away fast fashion. Customers will love wearing these designs, confident that they are supporting honest livelihoods and meaningful change.

By working with artisans from the Association for Craft Producers (ACP), this brand has secured the highest standards of ethical production. ACP is certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) and shares Here Today Here Tomorrow’s strong commitment to workers’ wellbeing and the environment. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. By working with producers there, this project supports and empowers female artisans, their families and their wider communities. Not only can these women become economically self-sufficient, they also earn the respect of other family and community members whilst protecting their cultural heritage.
With your help, Here Today Here Tomorrow will be able to work alongside these talented weavers, pattern cutters and sewers – giving the wonderful artisans long term work, revitalising a traditional craft, creating beautiful timeless styles and promoting a fairer and more sustainable approach to fashion for all.

Visit the Kickstarter campaign here and see how you can help!