JAWS Refillables

Originally launched in the U.S the Jaws green cleaning system has now arrived in the U.K. It’s not just the ingredients that make it an eco friendly clean but the packaging and the fact that less transportation is used with its Refill, Reload & Reuse concept.

Why Are They Such A Green Clean?

Firstly Jaws cleaners are both non-toxic and biodegradable. Secondly the packaging is reusable, their bottles can be refilled up to 25 times with water and you simply purchase refill cartridges. With conventional cleaning products containing an average of 97% water the toll on the environment not just from plastic packaging but from transportation is immense.

Economical too

Once you’ve purchased your starter kit (each cleaner retails at £6.50) any bottle thereafter will make 946mls of cleaner for less than £2.50

JAWS Road Tested

We’ve been lucky enough to trial the range of Jaws cleaners here at GreenFinder H.Q and have been really impressed with how effective they are particularly the multi surface cleaner and degreaser which has been bringing our kitchen surfaces up a treat. The degreaser in the product ensures a smear free finish and leaves worktops gleaming.

If like us you have toddlers running around the place leaving sticky finger prints on windows and mirrors then the Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner makes light work of removing them. The Glass cleaner which is both ammonia and alcohol free is also useful for computer screens, tiles and ceramic tiles. The bathroom cleaner is also highly effective and we liked the fact that the deodorizing smell was subtle and not too overpowering like some brands. We also loved that the disinfectant in the Jaws range is both non toxic and biodegradable, always a plus when you’re looking for planet friendly products.

Visit the JAWs website to read more!