Look For The NATRUE Label:The Organic & Biodynamic Skincare Kitemark

NATRUE certification for natural cosmetics and skincare is now available within the UK and Ireland.

NATRUE has partnered the Biodynamic Association Certification team in the Cotswolds, which draws on 15 years’ experience certifying organic products to EU Organic and Demeter International Standards. It is now quicker and more direct for British and Irish brands to submit their natural and organic cosmetics for certification, or for organic suppliers and growers to certify individual raw materials for use in products.

Over 1,000 NATRUE-certified products (approximately 40% of the total) are available in the UK, so we’re not short on choice. The latest is a range from British brand Beyond Organics, the first company to be NATRUE-certified right here in Britain thanks to the certification team based in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

First founded in 2007, NATRUE provides an established worldwide cosmetics and skin care standard which is driven by a desire to promote integrity and transparency in the natural cosmetics marketplace.

The NATRUE label was set up as an international kitemark to help consumers identify products that are genuinely organic and natural, wherever they are in the world. Just one logo – the mark of true quality and authenticity. So consumers can see at a glance whether a product is truly natural, and know that the ingredients will be top quality and free from artificial colours, fragrances and preservatives such as parabens. The kitemark is not just about naturalness or organic standards, it is also an assurance for the consumer that a product or ingredient is green in other ways: responsibly and sustainably sourced, free from genetically-modified ingredients, free from paraffin oils or petroleum-derived ingredients and silicone oils.


Look out for the NATRUE label. It is your guarantee that the products you buy are as natural as they can be!

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