Lovely Leftovers!

Here are some fantastic tips and hints for using up leftovers from the Love Food, Hate Waste Campaign.

  1. If you have some dinner left in the pan, bag it and pop it in the freezer as a ready meal for one. Even small amounts can be pureed up for the baby or a kid’s portion!
  2. Crusts and stale bread can be blitzed in the food processor to make breadcrumbs, then frozen. The same can be done with biscuits and cake (to use as topping for crumbles and puddings)
  3. Dregs of wine or beer can be frozen in ice cube trays and popped out into stews and casseroles
  4. Cut the bruises off old apples and toss into the pan with your sausages
  5. Black bananas can be made into a super-quick pudding by mashing them up and adding some cream!

For more great ideas on saving food and leftovers – visit the website