Natracare Organic Pads: Healthier by Nature

Natracare are a company dedicated to providing women with organic and natural feminine hygiene products that have their health and the environment in mind. Founded by Susie Hewson in 1989 when she was shocked by a program describing the hidden issues surrounding the contents of feminine hygiene products, Natracare has always been committed to providing women with a reliable, comfortable, healthy, environmentally friendly sanitary choice, with no need to compromise. We have grown from the passionate belief of one woman into an internationally known company whose message is perhaps even more relevant today than when it first started.

Why choose Natracare?

Most pads, pantyliners and tampons in the market today are full of synthetic materials. The most problematic ones are plastics, rayon, and dioxins: the by-products of chlorine bleaching. Plastics, including the plastic wrappers, leak proof layers, polyacrylate superabsorbents and even some “cotton-like” top sheets, can cause irritation to the skin and also take hundreds or even thousands of years to degrade, releasing toxins into the environment and never fully disappearing from our ecosystems. Rayon, which is in all of the top traditional tampon brands, has been associated with the production of toxins which cause Toxic Shock Syndrome (unlike cotton) and can be very drying for your mucous membranes. Dioxins are a cancer causing substance that builds up in the fat cells of mammals, including humans. Many women who think they have symptoms of thrush actually have Allergic Feminine Irritation, caused by the sanitary products they use and all their unnatural components.

Natracare products are completely plastic free, non chlorine bleached, and our tampons are made from pure, comfortable organic cotton. Every Natracare product in the 17 plus range is 95-100% biodegradable, so you know you are doing your bit for the environment, whilst caring for your health as well.

Not only do Natracare produce feminine hygiene products, we also have a range for new mothers including baby wipes and nursing pads, and an incontinence pad – all of which are, of course, natural, vegan friendly and toxin free. You can buy Natracare from health food shops, pharmacies and major supermarkets, or visit the link below for more information.

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