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New Baby Oil Protects Baby’s skin with no olive oil and no mineral oils

New research1 shows the use of olive oil on babies’ skin can be counter-productive and by damaging the top layer of the skin can actually encourage eczema and allergic skin conditions.   That’s why organic and Fairtrade skincare pioneer, Green People, has launched a new ‘Organic Babies’ No Scent Baby Oil which is made without damaging olive oil or mineral oils, just an unadulterated blend of the purest oils available to soothe, nourish, heal and protect little ones’ delicate skin.

Why is olive oil damaging for babies skin (0-3 months)?

Recent studies have shown that olive oil, recommended for years for massaging or moisturising baby’s skin, contains up to 83 per cent oleic acid, and has now been linked to a dramatic increase in eczema and skin allergies.   The imbalance created by this high oleic acid content weakens the top layer of babies delicate skin.  The natural water content of the skin is lost, leading to dry skin which is more prone to eczema, and allows chemicals to penetrate the skin more readily.

What harm can mineral oils do?

Don’t wrap your baby’s skin in cling-film!  Mineral oils, paraffin wax and other petrochemicals are a by-product of crude oil and are also commonly found in many baby products, but these oils simply create a barrier on the skin which stops the skin from functioning naturally; toxins can’t be eliminated through the skin, the skin can’t breathe and the mineral oils are absorbed into the blood stream.  Alternatively, plant oils actually feed the skin with essential nutrients.

What are the benefits of plant oils?

‘Organic Babies’ No Scent Baby Oil is a 3-in-1 baby skincare essential for cradle cap, dry skin or a soothing baby massage.  Certified by the Soil Association, it’s 100% organic!   Its clever blend of organic plant oils have been carefully balanced to provide the optimum levels of essential fatty acids in order to be beneficial to baby’s delicate skin:
•    Rosehip Oil is packed with vitamin A and E, and Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids to nourish, rehydrate and repair the skin
•    Evening Primrose Oil has been used since the 1930’s for eczema and skin irritations due to its high essential fatty acid content from gamma-linolenic acid (GLA)
•    Sunflower Oil is added for its rich content of Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids and to regenerate baby soft  skin

Certified organic and Fairtrade, this multi-purpose baby oil is as good for your baby’s skin as it is for the communities in Nicaragua that produce the Sesame Oil that goes into this wonder-product!

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