Woodland Burial Ground Celebrates Tree Planting Week

Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground, near Tysoe is South Warwickshire, is holding its Tree Planting weekend on 6 – 7 December, in line with National Tree Week . Memorial trees will be planted on the graves of those buried at the site over the past year, each tree adding to what will become areas of rich native woodland at this very special place.

Each tree is a species native to south Warwickshire, including among many others the bird cherry, crab apple, guelder rose, dog rose, silver birch, ash and oak.  Some trees will be planted in memory of those who are not buried at Sun Rising, or whose ashes are scattered elsewhere, providing a memorial and a place for loved ones to visit.

At Sun Rising there is also the option of being buried in the gently growing meadow of wildflowers and grasses.

Everyone is welcome on the day.  If you are interested in planting a tree in memory of a loved one, please get in touch with Nature Reserve Burial Grounds.

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