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It’s easy to get hot under the collar about chemically-riddled sweat-inhibiting anti-perspirants and their questionable effect on the body, so check out the facts about the alternatives and enjoy the sweet smell of natural protection this summer.

Yesterday’s news
•    Deodorants and anti-perspirant are not the same thing!  Deodorants are responsible for masking the smell of sweat while anti-perspirants actually stop sweating from taking place, which interferes with the body’s natural way of controlling temperature.
•    Conventional deodorants and anti-perspirants can contain aluminium which not only clog the pores but can also enter the bloodstream increasing the levels of aluminium in the body.
•    The alcohol contained in these conventional products has a drying effect on the skin and can also transport other chemicals into the bloodstream.

The sweat free natural alternatives
Look out for natural products containing minerals such as ammonium alum or alunite and zinc ricinoleate from the castor oil plant.  This age old combination of minerals safely prevents the growth of bacteria responsible for body odour without irritation and without impeding the body’s natural and vital process of perspiration.
In fact, these days organic deodorants are so sophisticated that their naturally-scented formulations are truly effective and leave you smelling as fresh as a daisy (literally!) all day long.  Even if your job is physically demanding you can be assured of natural protection throughout the day by reapplying a couple of times.

Delicately scented deodorants from pioneering organic beauty companies, Green People and Lavera, use these tried and trusted minerals to effectively prevent body odour without inhibiting the essential process of perspiration. The minerals are combined with aloe vera, olive leaf extract and gentle essential oils, which care for the skin rather than irritate it.

Rock on
Ever wondered how a natural crystal deodorant stone works?  It is simply made from mineral salts (potassium alum) and purified water.  Wet the stone and rub it generously all around the armpit.  It leaves an invisible layer of mineral salt protection which prevents the odour causing bacteria from forming.

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