From Pharmacist To Natural Health Advocate

natural health advocate

Michelle, a pharmacist of 22 years and owner of Butterflies Healthcare was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in 1990, but with little research on PCOS available her GP was limited in what help she could offer her. In 2002 having suffered for some time Michelle turned to and successfully treated her illness using natural remedies which she continues to take to this day.  She remains passionate about natural beauty since she developed sensitive skin as a result of her hormonal imbalances.

 In 2004, she came across NATorigin, a small, family run, French company and she met with the pharmacists who developed the science behind NATorigin over 30 years ago in France, the home of many well-known and world renowned cosmetic companies. As a pharmacist herself, she was impressed with the company and the way they had responded to their pharmacy customer requests for a hypo-allergenic yet natural beauty range. The similarities between our their families underpins a close working relationship that values their joint aim to help women who are unable to wear cosmetics, particularly mascara, due to allergy or intolerance.

 Since then NATorigin have widened their range to include nail care, make up remover and have won many awards.

 Here are just a few testimonials from happy customers:

“I have been using NATorigin eye liner (3 colours) and mascara regularly for over one year now, and I am delighted that my eyes don’t react and become inflamed, as they do with other brands.

“Discovering NATorigin products has allowed me to feel special and proud of myself again.”

“I have tried the eyeshadow and I get no problems with it at all! This is just brilliant as it is at least ten years since I have been able to wear eye make-up. Just brilliant!”

Take a look at the Natorigin website and their collection here