Natural Ingredients To Deter Pests

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No one likes sudden visitors, especially when they are small, slimy, cause damage, and intend to move in with you. Insects and small rodents besiege our homes in search of food and warm shelter. While some of them are completely harmless, others can cause  damage and also endanger our health.

As no one wants to share a home with pests, people find various ways to get rid of them. Disinsection is one of the proven methods, but these services often cannot work immediately. If you decide to wait for pest control and inspection services, bugs and rodents can multiply and cause even more chaos.

So the best solution sometimes is to act on your own. In addition to being often more efficient than professional services, the use of natural home-made products is healthier, kinder to the environment and less expensive solution to these problems.

Eliminate Bug Menaces

As soon as you open the windows and doors, they can invade. Flies, cockroaches, bedbugs and other small, uninvited creatures, can access your home. Some of them can bring with them various infectious agents since they run and land everywhere particularly in a kitchen environment.

The essential advice is to keep your home clean and to store all your food in proper containers. This way, your tiny guests will have nothing to eat. After a thorough cleaning, you can use some home-made insect sprays.

An aromatic mixture of garlic and mint happens to be quite efficient in eliminating bugs from your home. Grind evenly, add a few drops of dishwashing liquid, and cook with a cup of water. Let it cool, pour in a spray bottle, and it’s ready for use. It is especially useful for slithering pests, which do not particularly like the aroma of garlic.

Ants are diligent and harmless insects, but owners of homes made of timber or with wooden interiors are not keen on these ‘tenants.’ In places where they have enough food, ants will build their colonies made up of several thousand of their ‘relatives.’ They release specific acid that erodes the surfaces on which they reside.

Nesting ants in your house can bring many troubles, about which you can read here:

In combating these ants and termites, the combination of borax and sugar can be an excellent remedy. With the addition of water, these ingredients make a creamy substance. You just have to smear it at critical points; that is, where the ants come from. Borax is entirely natural and safe, so you can use it even if you have children or pets.

Another beneficial ingredient in the fight against ants is coffee. You can use leftovers from your coffee machine in a similar way to borax. Ants do not tolerate the strong aroma of coffee and will escape from it.

Mice and Rats

A large number of rats and mice often choose to spend the winter in houses. They are warm, protected places and provide enough food.  Home-made rodent repellents can be less toxic than conventional rat poison and pest control methods. On this page, you will also find some suggestions on how to catch mice or rats.

Rats and mice are always on the look out for food so we need to give them what they like best. If you want to apply a more humane method of eliminating these pests, use pepper and cloves. Mince some of these beans and mix with edible oil. Dip a few pieces of cotton in it, and leave it all over the house. Minced pepper has a super strong aroma, which rodents find quite repulsive.

You can also use ammonia in the same way. This scent reminds pests of predators. Get pure ammonia at the pharmacy, pour in small bins, and leave it in the most hidden places. A pantry, a space under the bathtub or sink, and also drawers are ideal places to hide these little menaces.

Both bugs and rodents are essential links in the food chain. However, being room mates is not pleasant at all. It is often impossible to get rid of these pests with the help of commercial products. Trying out some of the many home-made methods will inevitably produce good results.