Natural Make Up For A Positive Reaction

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NATorigin is an Allergy UK approved* and multi award-winning range of natural and organic cosmetics and skincare for sensitive eyes and skin.

Mascara allergy is an increasingly common problem so the best seller is NATorigin high performance Lengthening Mascara as it gently lengthens, soothes, strengthens and holds volume in sensitive lashes all day.

Lindsey McManus from Allergy UK said: “The presence of ‘natural’ ingredients doesn’t guarantee that they will not irritate the skin. Our advisors were really impressed by the ingredients used and were pleased to award NATorigin with our Allergy Friendly Product.”

The entire range is formulated in a special way for dry or sensitive eyes and skin, blepharitis and contact lens wearers by excluding common irritants such as nickel, parabens and chrome. The remaining ingredients are carefully chosen to strengthen the skin and eyes’ natural defences against sensitivity and are prepared according to the unique principles of bio-inertia by pharmacists. These processes ensure that the eye contour area, skin and tears are not adversely affected by soreness, stinging, watering, redness and swelling by wearing cosmetics.

Unique hydrating, nourishing and anti-ageing natural ingredients (at least 97% and 83% for the nail enamels) that are high in omega oils and anti-inflammatory vitamin E have been sourced from the rich oceans and the diverse arctic region. Marine cellular extracts of red seaweed that are high in silicium are combined with anti-free radical arctic raspberry seed oil and moisturising natural oils and waxes.

NATorigin is also approved by The Vegetarian Society to be free-from animal ingredients and cruelty-free to be not tested on animals and the skincare products are registered with The Vegan Society.

Optician James Sutton and his pharmacist wife Michelle are passionate about helping the many women with mascara or cosmetics allergies regain their confidence, in some cases after years of avoiding make-up.

To view their entire collection visit the NATorigin website here and save 15% off their hypo-allergenic, natural skincare and cosmetics by entering Gf2015 at the checkout.

*except eyeshadows