New Ecoflap Full Letter Box System Coming Soon!

Ecoflaps Ltd are introducing their next project: Ecoflap Full Letter Box System (Ecoflap Twin).

This letter box is for replacing the whole letter box system and can be installed by almost anyone – especially Carpenters or Handymen replacing when replacing units or installing new doors.

The Ecoflap Twin has all the attributes of the retro fit letter box system Ecoflap, and will help save energy and money in the home. It will solve the problem without restriction and prevent rattles, snaps, biting or blowing open.
The Ecoflap Twin will be telescopic to fit the appropriate depth of door and the front plate initially will be basic white, or with metallic brass or chrome FINISH.

Retail price will be varying depending upon the finish.

There is a basic video on the ecoflap here or visit the website for more details

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