Organic Miracle Worker Face Cream Launched In Time For Veganuary

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Beyond Organic Skincare who are based in Helston, Cornwall and have won 30 awards for their fabulous natural and organic skincare have just launched their latest face cream, “Organic Miracle Worker.” It has already become a real hit with their staff and testers during pre-launch trials and has been promoted to ‘favourite’ by nearly everyone!

It is the combination of incredible ingredients that makes this cream so effective.  The combined ingredients, which include the natural form of retinol, have the ability to stimulate the growth of healthy new skin tissue. Scientific studies clearly establish these ingredients as significant healing agents which protect & soothe skin, have a regenerating effect on the epidermis, improve the appearance of aged scars and also moisturise, nourish & repair the skin.

This in turn can then help with many skin issues including:

  • lines & ageing
  • dry & damaged skin
  • acne & its associated scarring
  • eczema, psoriasis & skin rashes
  • age spots, stretch marks & general scarring
  • skin redness, inflammation & irritation

For more information about the Beyond Organic range and their new Miracle worker face cream which is certified organic, cruelty free and  vegan please visit their website here