New Year Resolutions For You And The Planet

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Most of us at some time in January make a couple of new year resolutions that we hope to keep throughout the year (check out our suggestions from last year) but how many of us do really stick to them? We’ve compiled a few healthy, green ideas that will not only benefit your health but the planet’s wellbeing too.

1. Watch Less TV

On average, families watch over 21 hours of TV a week, that’s almost a whole day a week sat in front of the box. Apart from the health risks of being a couch potato for both adults and children it’s also a great deal of energy being used over the year especially if you are watching TV out of habit or just for the sake of it.

2. Get Fit

We all know about the obvious benefits of cycling and walking  for ourselves and the health of the planet but have you ever considered joining a green gym? Green gyms are places where you can take part in outdoor practical conservation projects. They are ideal for helping you to keep fit but you also get to help improve  your local environment and meet likeminded folk too.

3. Eat Green, Stay Healthy

Adopting a greener diet doesn’t just mean switching to organic foods. There are a numbers of ways you can help the environment through your diet and shopping habits. Choosing fruit and veg that is in season, eating less meat and dairy and buying food that isn’t over packaged can also help. As more and more supermarkets squeeze out small, local traders from our town centres supporting your local green grocer, butchers or bakers has never been so important. Many of these traders source their food from other local suppliers so aswell as helping the regional community it also means we have access to locally produced food.

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