Organic Bedding:What Are The Benefits?

If you have gone organic in parts of your life, but never thought about organic bedding, read on as to why it makes sense. As a recent reviewer commented, “Why would you want to sleep in something that has been poorly made by underpaid staff and steeped in chemicals?” Conventional cotton producers consume $2.6 billion worth of pesticides; more than 25% of the world’s pesticides on 2.5% of farmed land. It’s not just about chemicals and Fairtrade. Why would you not want to sleep in soft, silky, comfortable organic cotton bedding that has been made from beautiful quality Egyptian organic cotton, by fairly paid producers? Also guaranteed to have used no allergy inducing chemicals.

What is organic bedding?

Certified 100% organic cotton bedding starts with natural cotton fibres which have been grown without the use of chemicals, synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Only cotton from verified, organically cultivated, sustainable sources can be used, a process which takes a farmer three years to attain. The natural fibre must then be treated and finished using only natural and biodegradable means such as non-toxic bleaching or eco-dyes to arrive at the finished article versus conventional cotton which can be treated with a series of chemicals from the field to the finished product. Certification gives assurance at every stage of the cotton’s journey from field to the finished product on quality, absence of toxic chemicals and the payment and working conditions of producers. In the UK, the leading certification body is the UK Soil Association which adheres to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Certifications by bodies such as the UK Soil Association or Oeko-Tex not only offer the consumer assurance on the organic integrity and quality of the bed linen but also guarantee no irritating nasties.

Why choose organic bedding?

Choosing organic cotton isn’t just a change in bed linen, but a change in attitude and one which is about value, not just in ethics, but also lasting comfort and value for money. Not to mention the apparent relief it gives to allergy sufferers and reducing carcinogenic chemicals.

The wider benefits of certified organic cotton are much quoted: decreased chemical exposure due to the absence of pesticides, chemical fertilisers or toxins which affect growers’ health and income, allergy sufferers and the environment. As well as being considerate to the environment and the people involved in growing and processing the cotton, certified organic cotton bedding collections also offer the consumer original design and natural, lasting quality for different budgets and for classic or contemporary interiors. Given we spend around eight hours in bed, choosing organic, chemical-free bedding offers the comfort of a great night’s sleep and is often the bed linen of choice for those with sensitive skins; with the added benefit that the product you are buying is from fair and sustainable cotton sources.

Why choose Fou Furnishings ®?

Fou Furnishings is (GOTS) certified by the UK Soil Association, the UK’s leading certification body and environmental charity. All their organic cotton bedding has been made with great care – from the original design, choice of long staple cotton fibres which are inherently strong, to the finished product.The company deals only in high thread counts which need to be woven from long staple fibres such as Egyptian organic cotton which is renowned for its quality. Bed linen fabrics which are woven with long staple fibres inherently contain the natural strength, softness and durable quality of the fibre which will withstand frequent laundering, outlasting those fabrics made from inferior or shorter staple cottons. All of their linens are certified by either the UK Soil Association or Oeko-Tex and have been specified and independently tested by Fou Furnishings for performance against the company’s own and external standards e.g. colourfastness, shrinkage, pilling and allergy inducing dye stuffs.

Fou Furnishings’ linens are available in three qualities in very high thread counts of 330 to 475 and luxurious finishes which means their linens are gorgeously soft and comfortable against your skin and will withstand frequent laundering and still look great. Choose from organic essentials sateen, crisp percale or lustrous Italian sateen for different budgets and classic or contemporary bedrooms. A recent reviewer’s experience of sleeping in Fou Furnishings’ elsa bed linen was described “as though I was sleeping on a cloud, or at least in a really swish boutique hotel. The product washes really well too.”

For readers who want to sample organic bedding, the company would be delighted to send out swatches of their linens. Simply visit their website and click on ‘request sample’ or call T: 0141 644 5211 for friendly service and information.

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