Organic Gardening Pest Control Tips

Last July we featured some green gardening tips. With soaring food and oil prices constantly in the news apparently 1 in 3 people in the U.K now grow their own vegetables, fruit or herbs. So with this in mind we thought we’d pass on some handy hints to help you control those pesky pests in a natural and organic way.


1. Companion Planting
In terms of pest control companion planting means choosing plants and flowers for your garden that repel certain bugs. Nasturtuims and marigolds can be very useful in deterring caterpillars, slugs and aphids. Other Companions here

2. Nematodes
Nematodes are very small creatures which love slugs. They are chemical free and pose no danger to children, pets or other garden wildlife.You simply water them into your garden. More Info here.

3.Think Wildlife
Did you know that hedgehogs like to snack on caterpillars or that ladybirds love to munch on greenfly? Did you know that slow worms slither about at night eating slugs and snails? Well they do, so a great way to encourage these visitors to your garden is to leave a small part of your garden untouched, let it grow wild and chuck a few logs and bricks on it too to provide a sheltered area for wildlife.

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