Organic, Reiki enhanced Skin & Body Care from KittySoaps

KittySoaps was launched as an online shop in 2008, providing ethical, organic skin
and body care with a holistic twist! Owner, Cat MacGillivray, describes how the company
came about.

"From a very young age, you could find me in my Grandmother’s garden harvesting plants
and flowers (especially the roses to her horror!) to make perfumes, and helping to make
traditionalhealing remedies – I think her renowned raspberry vinegar started the idea of
KittySoaps all those years ago.

As I grew up, I interlaced studying alternative therapies/ traditions (Aromatherapy, Crystal
Healing,Herbal Medicine, Reiki & Yoga) with studying for my Biotechnology degree and then,
throughout my scientific career. Over the last five years I have spent time to marry my love of
science, herbal medicine and alternative therapies to create a beautiful, therapeutically active
skin/ body care range without compromising my eco-friendly ethos.

The key to my products lies in the advanced formulations, which combine innovative science with
age-old herbal wisdom. The result is organic, chemical-free skin/ body care to pamper and feed
your skin while your mind, body and spirit benefits from the plant essences and
heavenly aromatherapy blends.
Unlike any organic/natural skin care company, all my products are enhanced with Reiki
energy: anancient form of healing that uses an energy that is all around us. Reiki is an accepted
alternative therapythat is used to balance, heal and harmonise both mind and body. Through my
experience as a Reiki Master teacher, I have found that it also has a profound effect on the
natural ingredients used to make my products,acting to raise their innate skin-loving and
therapeutic properties providing you with revolutionary, holistic care.

 As the KittySoaps range is designed for complete wellbeing, the online shop also provides
holistic andhealing gifts, herbal remedies and treatments to give you back some of that elusive
 ‘me’ time that we all deserve! All products are kept affordable and only contain 100% active
ingredients with no water content to dilute them, compared to the majority of commercial
products and sadly, many natural and organic skin care companies. KittySoaps products
are highly concentrated so a little goes a long way!"

Cat is currently offering all new customers 10% off their first order and provides competitive
trade discounts. See her website at for more details.

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