The Solid Shampoo Bar For Dogs

vegan, zero waste dog products

With concerns around plastic pollution there has been a rise in the popularity of bar soaps. Natural soap maker Soap & Pamper have created a solid shampoo for dogs so that dog owners can also make the switch.

Their shampoo bar for dogs is handcrafted with natural, cruelty free ingredients and is also palm oil free and vegan. We loved the soap when we trialled it with our dog Waffle. Although reluctant to be bathed (aren’t most dogs?) she did scrub up well and smelt wonderful afterwards. With such a wet and muddy autumn and winter she certainly needed a good washing and we found the shampoo bar lathered really well and was very effective at removing dirt and mud.

The soap also contains neem oil which is a natural pesticide. Soap maker and founder of Soap & Pamper Debs has chosen to add neem oil in the bar to help combat fleas and keep doggies itch free! The shampoo also contains rosemary and lavender oils which are also good for your dogs skin.

To learn more about the handmade soap bars for both humans and pooches visit the Soap and Pamper website here.

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