GreenFinder founder Kate Haines grew up in Leamington Spa and cites her ‘green mum’ for sparking her lifelong interest in eco living way before ‘climate change’ hit the headlines.

Kate originally trained as a primary teacher at Worcester University and taught in Africa, the Middle East and Australia before returning to the U.K where she taught for four years before launching her green pages style website in January 2007

As a passionate environmentalist Kate was keen to use her skills to communicate sustainability and to help advise the public on living a green lifestyle. A green directory wasn’t a new concept but combining it with education, information and an interactive showcase stall was. Coming from an educational background Kate was keen to promote sustainable living in a lively, interesting and informative way.

The Story So Far

GreenFinder now promotes over 100 eco friendly companies, businesses and environmental projects on its website and stall and with current media attention on the rise in oil prices, climate change and the credit crunch Kate is keen to demonstrate to the public that living a green lifestyle is not only beneficial for the planet but is fun, healthy and can save you money at the same time.

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