Recycled and Hand made Clothing with a Style of its own

Flawlessonline sells amazing things to people that appreciate handmade items. We believe that for things to be flawless they should be made with as much pleasure as you experience wearing them.

Behind our products you will find a group of people who feel passionate about their skills and products. Most things are made by the person who actually created the design. Flawless is an idea that existed in the founder, Mette Mitchell’s head for some time, inspired by her love for Japan and the Japanese aesthetic “wabi sabi”. Wabi sabi means: the beauty of the imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. Nature never has just one pattern; it will be ever changing and always unique. In nature no two are the same.

Wabi sabi can never be achieved in a factory where standards for perfection are narrow. For something to be wabi sabi it will have to be handmade and so will then naturally be different from the one made before and the one made after, but never the less beautiful and inspiring and perfect in its own right.

All products on are hand made and therefore each product will differ from the other, being a product of the person making it, the materials used, the music they listened to, the tea they drank and the sheer joy of making the item for you. doesn’t have to work too hard at reducing our carbon footprint as it’s a natural part of the Flawless culture! The nature of what we do requires very little resources for production and minimal transport. There are no factories in far away countries or long distribution routes. Most items come from Denmark and the U.K and none of the products make detours to other countries for packaging, labelling or other processes.

In some cases you will find items are made out of reused materials or scraps discharged from larger manufactures, because these are the materials we prefer to work with. On top of that you will also find a selection of second hand items that have been carefully sourced from markets everywhere.

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